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Its me, my past, my very own present and my future

'It is trite, but it is true. Time lends perspective. When you are trapped in the emotions of the present, you can not really see because you are like a leaf driven before the autumn winds by the demons that posses you. Time dulls and sometimes kills the demons of love and hatred leaving only a tiniest thread of its memory so that you can peak through the key hole to the past and see much that you could not see before.'

                                                                       'Where Love Has Gone'
                                                                                  - Harold Robbins


I am Rajnish, popularly known as 'Mishra' .I did engineering from Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Surathkal, Karnataka in 1996. At present, I am in Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur, India. Here, I have worked on the following projects

           Using patenting as an indicator of technological growth, assessing the technological growth of India             Statistical analysis of the significance of the projects carried out by the DPI (Department of Programme
           Implementation) Govt. of India             Analysis of different phases of projects termination and project life cycle based on the data of different
            private sectors
              Assessing the technology management practices at Tata Iron and Steel Company, Limited, Jamshedpur
            under DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research), Ministry of Science and Technology,
            Govt. of India             Restructuring the organisational structure and the human resource of the Paradip Port, India under Ministry
            of  Surface Transport, Govt. of India

            Reviewed books for the Journal of Management and Labour Studies, XLRI.

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