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It is you, me , my past and present

'It is trite, but it is true. Time lends perspective. When you are trapped in the emotions of the present, you can not really see because you are like a leaf driven before the autumn winds by the demons that posses you. Time dulls and sometimes kills the demons of love and hatred leaving only a tiniest thread of its memory so that you can peak through the key hole to the past and see much that you could not see before.'

'Will you...?' love dies with words like those. It burns up and destroys itself with the language of hate and recrimination. It tears apart in anger and violence. But after the explosion, some vestige of it still remains, clinging to the mind and heart like an unfulfilled hope, the memory of a passion that never came to fruition. Then it dies finally, with a few simple, almost childlike, words.

And, the ghosts are gone, the guilt vanish. This was the way it was, this is the way it would have been. No matter what you did.

- 'Where Love Has Gone' , Harold Robbins

I am Rajnish.
Wanna know more about me?
Lets start with the toddlers !
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     about 'the most mischievous character I ever met' give it a shape & name it Amit