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Someone, somewhere is missing you

Fountain in front of the main building

Give us a lever long enough
a fulcrum strong enough
a place to stand
will move this WORLD

The labs, workshops, romantic memories of the library, sleeping sessions in class, gastronomic delights at the gate, class picnics and trips, wonderful movies under the starry sky in the SAC, dancing in the rain, romancing at night ........

Four summers and five monsoons later, the days won't be the same again. Every rain brings back memories of love discovered, lost and regained. We have all become something more than friends, occupying places in each other's heart, forever indelible .......

A few years from now, at the end of a long day's work when you feel bored or tired with this world or simply wish to reminisce about the greener past, leaf through these pages and let the heart warming memories of our college days, when life was bliss, and nostalgic over what might have been but wasn't, take over your worries, soothe your mind and bring peace to you.

-Ravichandan R. Haldipur in 'Smrithi Class of '96'

 Road to 'the lighthouse'
The best time pass: beach, gate or temple

Infront of the new auditorium

"Friends" this word took a long time before I could understand how much and what they mean. After so many years, still I get nostalgic when think of those days spent in krec with those unforgettable people and the moments spent with them. There are so many things still left to be talked about. I don't know whereabouts of some of them. I wish we can sit together some day and recall those things never to forget again.

Sunita, Nimi and Kashi: In front of the PE lab

My project mates, lab mates and what not. These are the people, who were very close
and who really did all sorts of experiments together not just
to check the results rather just to be there together

The shock waves of AEEE
(AEEE: Association of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)

All great guns together !
Kavita, Rekha, Prashant, Deepa, Jagdish, Vidya, Nimi, Sunita & Sushma

Outside the guesthouse, Calicut, Kerala in November '95
Ajit, Bhim, Prashant, Jagdish & Myself

Trip to Calicut for Nimi's marriage. I hope you all still remember
the story of 'the red-turbon' & the Granny from Washington D.C.

Rahul (ILY), Myself & Prashant Patil (PP)
On the beach, infront of the guesthouse, Calicut November '95

During the Ring Ceremony '96
Nimi & Sunita in the SAC

The Ring Ceremony '96: Myself, Sunita & Nimi
Don't leave anything unsaid

What a great project group
Three cheers for completing the project successfully!!!
Was it a good-bye?

Some more?

About whom ?

With my  friends or members of my family

Or, one unique friend of krec

     someone else